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The Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative, a collaboration of GeneWatch UK, Privacy International, and the Council for Responsible Genetics, seeks to achieve a direct impact on the human rights standards adopted for DNA databases across the world.

On this wiki, you are encouraged to engage and contribute to our knowledge of national DNA databases. These entries are based on our current knowledge of affairs in each country and we welcome your assistance in keeping them up to date and relevant. Below are links to entries for each country presently engaging in DNA databanking, or considering developing capacity or legislation.

See also the global summary of DNA databases worldwide and the 2014 journal article Forensic DNA databases: Ethical and legal standards: A global review.

You can also find pages on Europe and Interpol and International resources. These pages include information about the growing number of treaties and agreements to share DNA profile matches across international borders.

In addition to country-specific information, we welcome any related discussion. Each page has a discussion link and a dedicated discussion page.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, concerns, or would like to share further information.


DNA Policy Info by Country